Heritage Video

High definition video is a standard in the modern world. We are sharing and accessing video clips on the web and capturing video via our phones constantly.

There are many creative ways to utilise video in heritage. At the top end there is the possibility to use a drone and capture footage that would usually be inaccessible from a ground perspective. There is also the option to edit and present a video narrative or documentary style piece to tell a story. 

At the basic level we can capture quality video on our smartphones and use some free apps to edit and publish video. For the more advanced, we can look at professional cameras and film making techniques to tell a story.


Shooting Video Overview

Shooting video, similar to photography can be achieved using a range pf devices from smart phone to high-end cameras. In fact, most photographic devices can double as video production hardware.

Most mobile devices will have a camera that is capable of capturing quality 1080 high definition video with the right settings and conditions.

Mid range standalone cameras with attached lens will be capable of capturing better tones with optical zoom and focal adjustments.

For budding film makers to professionals professional grade camera are available but expensive. SLR photographic cameras can also be used to capture professional video content.  Top end video hardware can also shoot 4k and beyond.

Editing Video Overview

Depending on the desired outcome it may be desirable to have editing and post production functionality for video content. 

If you are shooting video on your phone you will be able to utilise some basic editing functionality within the device. The limitation here is the ability to compile multiple shots and video files mixed with the small screen size.

For advanced video editing one of the most popular application is Adobe Premiere. Video editing is a graphically demanding process and requires a lot of processing power from modern computers. However, with some learning and a creative concept it is possible to produce cinematic film making on a personal computer.

Hosting a Heritage Video

We are all familiar with video platforms on the web with YouTube being the most popular. There are many options plus the range of social media platforms that also support video hosting. Its is really down to the audience you want to reach or the type of content you are intending to release.

Hosting video on the web is generally free and all platforms support high definition content. 

Vimeo is a popular platform, similar to YouTube but more geared towards original film and media creators.

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